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How to choose your new air conditioner, Part 1

How to choose your new air conditioner, Part 1

May 4, 2012

“How much will it cost to replace or add an air conditioner?”  That’s the most asked question we get this time of year.

Choosing an Air Conditioner in Buffalo, NY.

Choose the Air Conditioner that's right for you.

Like buying a new car, the answer can vary significantly.  Size, brand and model are primary factors.  Other factors include efficiency, reliability, warranty, and even noise.

Your choices on each of these factors affect the cost of your air conditioner.  And, every one’s answers are unique.

Like buying a new car, the cost depends on whether you like the sub compact or the luxury sedan, or something in between.  Complete Heat will perform a no charge, no obligation assessment with you to arrive at the value of the right system for you and your home.

Under normal circumstances, it is less expensive to replace an existing air conditioner than installing one for the first time.  First time installations usually include things like duct work modifications, electrical utility supply, refrigerant line sets and control (thermostat) change out.

In part 2, a quick discussion on how air conditioners are rated for efficiency.

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  1. Rayford Kristofferson /

    When it omes to air conditioners the best type would be those inverter type air conditioners because they are very energy efficient, which means that they consumer less energy and also they generate less heat.